Like most growing up in small country towns, Peter devoted all his spare time to playing sports and quickly excelled. His talent and natural abilities saw him selected within representative teams for his school, town, region and state in many different sports including cricket (field and indoor), soccer, squash and of course golf. With golf clearly becoming his greatest passion, Peter set his sights on joining PGA professional ranks and started his traineeship at 18 years of age.

Fast forward to now, and Peter has spent over 20 years playing Golf Tournaments across the world at a professional level. Appreciating the immense honour to have spent decades learning from the best coaches and players, as well as competing against the world’s best including Tiger Woods.

Fortunate to have a young family of his own, Peter is excited to now be in a position to give back to the game. By using his experience and expertise to help teach other golfers from beginner through to advanced, to refine and improve their skills and in doing so, come to love the great game of golf even more.

Peter specialises in coaching beginners through to Tour Pro’s and everyone in between. Using his extensive experience and expertise in course management and mental strategy, along with engaging Trackman Data and BioSwing Dynamics, Peter makes golf easier for all his students by blending this knowledge into a simple and understandable way for real results to be enjoyed by true diehard lovers of golf.

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