Ladies Golf

ladies playing golfWe have a great ladies golf program, with the aim to continue to grow the sport for women.

For those wishing to play competitions, we have a dedicated women's competition on Thursdays (the main group tee off between 8-9am), a ladies competition on Saturdays (tee off any time of the day) and open single Stableford competitions every other day.

For ladies new to the sport, or wanting to improve their skills our weekly ladies only coaching clinics are also here to support you.

Ladies Calendar

Women's Chip & Sip - Sunday 9th June 2024

This popular women's event is a great opportunity to join in with other like-minded women for a fun, social afternoon on the golf course.

Registration from 2:30pm
9 Hole Ambrose Event in a motorised cart from 3pm

$30pp includes wine and nibbles on arrival

This is also a Melanoma Research Fundraiser, so there will be raffles and lots of fun on the course.

Book in here

Or contact Janine for more information - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are extremely excited to announce that Windaroo Lakes Golf Club has been approved as an official R&A Women in Golf Charter Signatory.
This charter is in line with Golf Australia's Women and Girls' Engagement Plan, which aims to inspire and encourage women and girls to participate in golf, create a welcoming environment, and empower them to achieve their goals.
We are proud to be one of the first clubs in Queensland to receive this approval, and extend our heartfelt appreciation to our members and community for fostering a supportive environment for everyone.
We would like to give special recognition to our Women's Coordinator, Janine Barney whose Golf Fore Women program has been at the forefront of promoting women's golf. Her passion and innovation have led to record numbers of women taking up the sport at Windaroo Lakes, which we are sure has been noticed by many at the club and in the wider industry.
The Women and Girls' Engagement Plan

The Women and Girls’ Engagement Plan is playing a critical role in increasing leadership & participation in golf in Australia through five key areas of the game, that align with Australian Golf’s National Strategy:

  1. Telling our story better
  2. Attracting new Golfers
  3. Increasing our Core
  4. Attracting New Fans and Growing Revenue
  5. Working together
Windaroo Lakes Golf Club acknowledges the important role community golf clubs will play in transforming our sport into one that is highly engaging, accessible, and fully inclusive for women and girls. We are committed to supporting this initiative and driving the growth of golf in our community.

Windaroo Lakes Golf Club officially supports Golf Australia’s Women and Girls’ Engagement Plan and commits to participating in national initiatives designed to increase the engagement of women and girls in golf.


The Golf Fore Women program is run by PGA Professional, Janine Barney.

We have a great women's program run by Golf Professional, Janine Barney, with coaching clinics and events scheduled throughout the year catering to all skill levels. 

Women's Clinics hosted by Golf Fore Women – Get Into Golf Clinics

Rules for Specific Games

2 Ball Ambrose

2 Player Team.
Each player hits off the tee. The best shot is selected and marked.
The other player picks up their ball and places it within 1 card length of the selected marker.
Each player then plays their next shot. The best shot is again selected and play continues as above until the ball is in the hole.
On the putting green the best ball is marked and the other ball is played from this position.
The gross score is then entered on the card.
Handicap allowance – 1/4 of combined handicaps.
There will also be a requirement for each team member to take a certain number of drives. This will need to be recorded to ensure the rules have been met.

Irish Fourball

4 Player Team.
Each player plays their own golf ball throughout each hole.
Each player then calculates their Stableford Score.
A pre- set number of players’ score per hole are combined to give the team score. E.g. on
Holes 1-6 All 4 players’ scores are combined for the team total on each of those holes.
Then on Holes 7-12 only the top 2 players’ scores may be combines for the total on each of those holes,
then on Holes 13-18 it could be the 2 lowest scores that are used.
The scoring format will be advised prior to the start of play.

2 Person Combined Stableford

2 Player Team.
Each player plays their own golf ball throughout the hole.
Each player then calculates their Stableford Score.
The two scores are the combined to give a team total.

4 Ball Best Ball (4BBB)

2 Player Team.
Each player plays their own golf ball throughout the hole.
Each player then calculates their Stableford Score and the highest score is recorded as the team score.

Canadian Foursomes

2 Player Team.
Both players hit off on all tees, then decide which ball they will play.
A player hits the second shot with their partner’s ball and they then play alternate shots with that ball until holed out.
Handicap allowance – 3/8 of combined handicaps.

American Foursomes

2 Player Team.
Both players hit off on all tees. They then play 2 second shot with their partners ball.
One ball is then selected and the owner of that ball plays the third shot.
Then continue with players playing alternate shots until the ball is holed.
Handicap allowance – ½ of combined handicaps.


2 Player Team.
Only one ball is used. Players take turns to tee off and then play alternate shots until the ball is holed.
Handicap allowance – ½ of combined handicaps.

Here’s a hint for Foursomes strategy. Determine which are the toughest driving holes on the course. Factor that into your decision on who hits off at the 1 st tee. You want your best driver to be teeing off on as many of the toughest driving holes as possible.